Who Am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot recently, and decided to formally answer it.

I am the wife of a soldier, the mother of an aspiring ballerina and a super hero in training, sister to my four siblings, and a loving daughter. I was born on October 29, 1988, in the town of Moscow, Idaho and lived in Idaho up until I was twenty-one-years-old, where I married my husband and moved to the South. It was there, in a quaint little town in Alabama, that I wrote my first novel, “Hardship & Devotion.” It had been a spur of the moment decision at the time, but had quickly turned into an adventure that changed the course for my life. My goals changed, my career path changed, and I am thrilled to finally do what I love—write.

I am a hopeless romantic who always has her nose in a good book. Reading has always been my go-to when life gets a little challenging. Books gave me an out to the craziness that life had to offer. I love jumping into another time and place, and I love reading the creative work of someone else.

I am a writer who loves each of her characters, every knight and damsel alike. My mind is constantly weaving new stories about life and love. Despite my writing being fiction, it is emotional and has tendency to be a bit steamy. I’m a sucker for happy endings, but only if the road was a bit bumpy first. My motto: Love that is easy is a love that is boring. My stories aren’t boring. They are filled with ups and downs, but it’s the downs that make the ups so much sweeter.

This is who I am.